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AirPics Features

How can I manage the libraries I want to share?

You can select or unselect the libraries you want to share by going to the AirPics Server menu item.

Libraries are shared by default (including newly created libraries, and libraries on external or network drives that are mounted). To unshare, simply untick the relevant library.

Note that moving or renaming a library will re-share it if it was set to be unshared. To set it back to unshare, untick the library in the AirPics Server menu.

How are my Aperture albums sorted in AirPics?

AirPics sorts Aperture albums by Manual order (if chosen in Aperture), otherwise Date ascending order.

Does AirPics support RAW?

Yes, AirPics supports all RAW and JPEG photos in your iPhoto and Aperture libraries.

Can I see my movies in AirPics?

Movies show up as low quality thumbnails in AirPics, however, you will not be able to play them.

AirPics Server

Why do I need to run AirPics Server?

AirPics Server reads your photos from iPhoto and Aperture and optimises them on-the-fly for display on your iPad.

AirPics does not use the iPhoto and Aperture Sharing feature found in the iPhoto preferences: AirPics Server performs this role instead to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible on your iPad.

Does AirPics Server change any information in iPhoto or Aperture?

No, it is read-only and does not change any photos or metadata in your iPhoto or Aperture libraries. Regardless, we recommend you backup your libraries frequently.

Can I password-protect my library with AirPics?

AirPics is intended for home/private use. It does not support password-protection.

At any time when AirPics Server is running on your Mac, all photos in your iPhoto and Aperture libraries will be visible to all computers/devices on the same network without a password or any other restriction. AirPics Server does not use the iPhoto or Aperture Sharing preferences, nor does it use the Sharing password.

We don’t recommend using AirPics over public or corporate networks. This is especially important, for instance, if you run AirPics Server on a laptop that you take between home and work.

AirPics Troubleshooting

Why is AirPics showing unusual library names with error messages?

This may occur if you have updated the AirPics Server but not the AirPics app on your iPad.

We suggest updating both the AirPics app and AirPics Server.

I’ve just updated to AirPics 1.1. Why can’t I see multiple libraries from iPhoto and Aperture?

If you have updated to AirPics 1.1 on the iPad but not the server, your libraries may not display.

We suggest updating both the AirPics app and AirPics Server.

Why doesn’t my library show up in the AirPics Server menu?

AirPics discovers libraries by looking at what was recently opened in iPhoto and Aperture. To access a library is which not showing, open the library you wish to view in iPhoto or Aperture on your Mac.

Why do the photos from my Aperture library not display in full screen?

Since AirPics displays the photo previews generated by Aperture, the quality of these photos is dependent on the Preview settings in Aperture. For tips on how you can optimize your Aperture experience see

I’ve just made changes in iPhoto / Aperture. Why can’t I see them in AirPics?

Changes made in iPhoto / Aperture will be be reflected in AirPics after taking focus away from it (e.g. quitting and restarting).

I renamed my library and cannot preview it in AirPics.

Renaming a library file may break the paths to the preview images, meaning AirPics is unable to find them.

In rare cases you may need to delete and regenerate the previews within Aperture, although normally it’s enough to open the library in Aperture and then quit to cause the preview paths to be updated.

Why do I get an error when saving a photo to my iPad?

On iOS 6, you need to give permission to AirPics to access your photos in order to save photos to your iPad. If you deny AirPics access it will report an error. To enable access, go to your iPad Settings > Privacy > Photos and set AirPics to On.

Why can I select my Aperture library on my iPad but not see its albums?

You need to make sure that Aperture’s Previews and/or XML are shared with other applications (which is disabled by default in Aperture 3.5).

You can do this by going to the Previews tab in Aperture’s Preferences pane and selecting “Always” or “When quitting Aperture” for the “Share XML with other applications” option.

See this Aperture support article from Apple for more information.

Why does the server keep switching from available to unavailable?

This is a known issue when the Mac running AirPics Server does not have a Computer Name set.

AirPics uses your Computer Name when advertising libraries so that different servers on the same network can be distinguished by the iPad app.

Ensure your Computer Name is set in the Sharing panel in your System Preferences.

Why can’t I see my libraries in AirPics?

Your Mac and iPad need to be connected to the same network.

Your iPad will be connected over Wi-Fi, and your Mac may be connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. If they’re both on Wi-Fi, make sure they’re using the same Wi-Fi network. If your Mac is connected over Ethernet, make sure it is plugged into your Wi-Fi router directly.

Once your Mac and iPad are on the same network, ensure AirPics Server is running on your Mac. Once the server is running, you should see your libraries appear in the AirPics iPad app.

Why does it take so long for my photos to appear?

Although AirPics optimises photos for streaming over Wi-Fi, performance is dependent upon many factors such as the speed and reception of your Wi-Fi network. To improve performance, ensure your Mac and iPad have good Wi-Fi reception. This can often be improved by moving closer to your Wi-Fi router, or positioning your router in a more central area.